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Rent Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso in Dubai

Rent Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso in Dubai

We invite you to rent a Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso in Dubai, one of the most spectacular models of the famous sports car maker. With a deep knowledge of Ferrari cars, our rental agents in Dubai can help you choose the right Ferrari car, based on your needs or, why not, desires. We are here to help you rent a Ferrari in Dubai at any time.

 Quick Facts  
Types of category for Ferrari GTC4 Lusso to rent   Four-seat coupe sports car

Ferrari GTC4 Lusso type of motors

6.3-liter V12 engine

Purposes for Ferrari GTC4 Lusso car rental in Dubai

– special events,

– leisure,

– visits,

– business meetings,

– long trips,

– town driving

Attributes of a Ferrari GTC4 Lusso car

– powerful acceleration,

– rearwheel steering system,

– 3rd generation Side Slip,

– sharpen driving dynamics

 Ferrari GTC4 Lusso car rental for long-term

 For clients who stay in Dubai for more than just a couple of days.

Ferrari GTC4 Lusso car rental for short-term

 For customers who visit Dubai for a few days

 Airport transfers with a Ferrari GTC4 Lusso for rent in Dubai

 Yes, a service provided to customers who want to drive a great sports car at the time of arrival in Dubai.

 Pick and drop services available (YES/NO)


 Price for renting a Ferrari GTC4 Lusso in Dubai

 Starting at around AED 4,000 per day

Ferrari GTC4 Lusso rent formalities

– online standard forms,

– available driver’s license

 Available payment types

 With credit or debit card 

Car deposit before lease

A small deposit is solicited as a guarantee.

 Hotel delivery available

Available service if solicited by our customers

 Age restrictions

 Driver must over 21 years old.

 Why choose our luxury car rental services in Dubai

  – spectacular car models,

– affordable prices,

– simple and fast formalities,

– personalized services and offers

Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso for a wedding in Dubai  You can rent a Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso in Dubai if you plan to get married in this city and need a great car for your special event. 

 Characteristics of Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso in Dubai

– made to offer entirely astonishing emotions,

– new control and integration logics with top technology like 4RM systems,

– the most powerful sports car in its segment 

 Free cancelation available  (YES/NO)


 Insurance for Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso in Dubai (YES/NO) YES 
 Immediate booking

Our customers can easily make a car rental reservation on our website. 

Last minute offer

If available in our Ferrari car collection for rent in Dubai 

Lowest price guarantee for a Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso in Dubai 

We provide affordable prices for renting a Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso for our customers in Dubai. 

24/7 road assistance 

As part of our car lease package 

Car return services in Dubai 

On request 

Can I drive a Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso outside the UAE?  Yes, but you should discuss this topic  with one of our Ferarri car rental agents in Dubai. 
Restrictions for using a Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso in Dubai  

Not available for car races, carrying inflammable liquids or other dangerous products 

Lease extension available for Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso 

For customers who want to stay in Dubai for more than a couple of days 

Information we provide to our customers when renting a Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso 

– contract details and conditions,

– pick and drop points,

– assistance offered in case of special events that might occur. 

English-speaking car rental agents in Dubai 

Yes, and we speak other languages too. 

Available currencies for car rental payment  USD, AED, EUR, and more. 

What makes Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso stand out of the crowd?

Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso is a four-seat tourer model, which is one of the first features that makes a great impression, as it is one of the few Ferrari models displaying such a look. Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso was created based on the chassis of the Ferrari FF, and it is one of the latest models launched by the carmaker in the last few years. The first model of Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso was launched in 2016 and if you want to rent it while in Dubai, our agents can offer additional details about the price for renting a Ferrari in Dubai.

If you are interested in renting a Ferrari car in Dubai, we also have other models to choose from, among which we recommend the Ferrari Portofino.

The design of the Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso

The design of the Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso is one of a kind and somewhat unusual according to some people. However, this exact design can make one rent a Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso in Dubai. This Ferrari model is a hatchback coupe and thus does not follow the slick lines of other Ferrari cars, such as those of the Ferrari 488 GTB.

Being a four-seat coupe, the Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso has enough room for the driver and the right-seat passenger, but also for those sitting in the back. This is why you should rent a Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso while in Dubai with your family. The cockpit of the Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso is amazing, being a mix between that of a sports car and a luxurious sedan. The central divider has a central cooling system which is completed by an LCD touchscreen display. The Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso also comes with large and comfortable seats meant to create the atmosphere often found in luxury sports cars, which we know is not the usual Ferrari style.

If you are planning a vacation in this wonderful city and haven’t decided on a Ferrari for hire in Dubai yet, do not hesitate to get in touch with us for information. If you want to rent a car in Dubai and decide on a Ferrari, we are definitely the ones to come to. Here is an infographic about Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso for rent in Dubai:

Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso from the airport in Dubai

We all know that time is precious and that everything happens at speed. Therefore, we want to simplify things and come to your attention with a service to help you from the start. Airport transfers with Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso in Dubai are the right choice if you have planned a visit to this city, whether you are dealing with business or more beautiful things.

Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso is part of the luxury category of sports cars and even if it has stopped production, the model remains an iconic and memorable one. As it is part of our collection of Ferrari cars for rent in Dubai, we invite you to talk to us and find out how you can get in possession of it for a few days. Please talk to us about the Ferrari hire in Dubai.

Can I rent a Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso by the hour or day?

Of course, if time is your friend for only a few hours or days in Dubai and you need a luxury means of transport, then you can call our services with confidence. Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso is a top sports car, with extraordinary performance, that can reach 100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds. Whatever the purpose of your visit to Dubai, make sure you enjoy all the comforts and rent a car to your liking. Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso is a sports car that will not disappoint you and can be rented by the hour or day, depending on your schedule in Dubai. Get in touch with us and find out all the details.

Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso for a special occasion

Many prefer to make extraordinary memories in Dubai, with the help of special days such as birthdays or anniversaries. The most beautiful family moments can take other forms, and if you decide to rent a Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso in Dubai, then the memories are guaranteed. You can impress your girlfriend or wife with such a car when you go out in the city or you can take a tour of Dubai and discover together what this wonderful city has to offer. Whatever the anniversary or special moment you want to live in Dubai, make sure you have the right car. Choose Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso for rent in Dubai.

Private events in Dubai and Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso

Dubai is a city that offers many possibilities to those who cross its threshold, whether we are talking about businessmen or foreign tourists. Private events require a certain etiquette and attitude. The outfit can be boldly matched with a luxury sports car, such as the Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso for rent in Dubai. Thus, with the complete image, you can have the guarantee that you leave a good impression in front of your friends or business collaborators. Not only will your taste in cars be noticed, but also the confident attitude for the private event you attend. So, if you want more from yourself for the special events in your life, we invite you to talk to our team of Ferrari car rental agents in Dubai and discover our personalized offers.

Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso, an iconic car

Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso is a car with 4 seats and the bet won by Ferarri is that it will conquer the dedicated public and more. Although production has ended for the Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso, there are dozens and maybe hundreds of models that go down in history. Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso is a car loved for:

  1. The attractive design of a luxury sports car, with finely marked lines and vibrant colors.
  2. Engine performance, where Ferrari did not compromise on quality.
  3. Low fuel consumption and emissions that comply with applicable laws.
  4. The refinement is offered by every particle of this luxurious sports car.

So, Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso for rent in Dubai may be the ideal option for you if you are planning a visit to this spectacular city. This car can be easily rented if you get in touch with our specialists.

Some of the appreciated aspects of a Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso

Renting a Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso in Dubai can be a great option for those who want to discover what this car means and what its characteristics are. Here are some of these that could convince you, if needed, to rent a Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso in Dubai:

  • Even in quite low conditions, the 4-wheel steering system is bringing dauntingly sporty performance.
  • The Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso proves a unique combination of high performance and inspiring stylishness, exactly what the manufacturer of this car wanted.
  • Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso is a 4-seat car that provides utmost comfort.
  • Flawless detailing makes the experience behind the wheel of a Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso unique in Dubai. Our Ferrari car rental agents in Dubai can provide you with details on how to rent such a car.
  • Sporty elegance broadly describes a Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso that you can rent whenever you want in Dubai.
  • What reflects the multilayered behavior of a Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso is its 12-cylinder engine and its bright soundtrack. You might want to rent such a car in Dubai.
  • With dynamic qualities and autograph sportiness with its GT elements, the Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso is an exclusive and refined car.
  • Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso is an interpretation of a tremendously updated shape and a fastback outline you will adore at first glance.

Therefore, a Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso for rent in Dubai can offer you a unique experience, regardless of your destinations in this city or outside it. On the other hand, if you keep visiting a futuristic city, with many interesting things to discover, it would be ideal to consider renting such a car and enjoy all that it has to offer in terms of performance, style, strong sensations, etc. You can contact us whenever you want to discover our Ferrari hire in Dubai.

Getting married in Dubai and renting a special car like a Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso

Many people prefer Dubai to set their sights and have unforgettable memories. If you are also at this moment, you can rent a Ferrari car in Dubai and choose the GTC 4 Lusso model for an unforgettable experience. You can come to the wedding venue with this gorgeous car and impress from the start with your taste in sports cars. In addition, the price for renting a Ferrari in Dubai is affordable, and the offers are personalized. Your wedding in Dubai can be truly special, so indulge yourself and choose to experience remarkable sensations on board a special car, such as the Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso for rent in Dubai.

Why rent a Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso in Dubai?

There is a large number of reasons that could make you choose to rent a Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso while in Dubai, and below we will only mention a few important ones:

  •   the Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso is one of the newest Ferrari models launched by the famous carmaker;
  •   it is unique; therefore, you will definitely catch the eye of passersby when driving such a car;
  •   you can also rent a Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso even if you come with other family members, such as the wife and children;
  •   it takes 3.5 seconds for this magnificent car to go from 0 to 100 km/h if you want to feel some adrenaline;
  •   the Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso blends perfectly with the highways and landscape of Dubai.

We are at your disposal with complete information on the Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso for rent in Dubai.

If you want a Ferrari for rent in Dubai, we have various models you can choose from, including the spectacular Ferrari 488 GTB yellow which is admired by everybody. Concerning the Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso, you will feel amazing behind the wheel of such a magnificent car.

Contact us now and get your personalized offer for a Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso for rent in Dubai! We are at your disposal with various rental services and Ferrari cars for hire for special events or vacations in Dubai.