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Rent Ferrari 488 GTB Spider in Dubai

Rent Ferrari 488 GTB Spider in Dubai

If you plan to take a short trip or a vacation in Dubai, there are a few things to check on your wish list. Among these, visiting the most renowned places in this amazing city and here we mention Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa, two of the iconic symbols of Dubai, going to the beach and take a safari trip in the desert. However, there is one more thing we would like to propose to you and that is to rent a Ferrari 488 in Dubai. Why Ferrari? Because it blends perfectly with the speed of this wonderful city. What Ferrari model? We would like to impress you with a Ferrari 488 GTB Spider, one of the most spectacular models of this brand. Our rental specialists will argue below why you should rent a Ferrari 488 GTB Spider while in Dubai. We would also like to let you know that we have other models of Ferrari for hire in Dubai so that you can take your pick.

 Quick Facts  
Types of category for Ferrari 488 GTB Mid-engine sports car

Ferrari 488 GTB type of motors

3.9 L F154 CB twin-turbocharged V8

Purposes for Ferrari 488 GTB car rental in Dubai

– special events or meetings,

– weddings,

– trips to the city 

Attributes of a Ferrari 488 GTB car

 – high performance V8 engine,

– utmost comfort and sportiness,

– fuel system with direct injection

Ferrari 488 GTB car rental for long-term Available for long stays in Dubai 
Ferrari 488 GTB car rental for short-term It can be rented for a couple of days in Dubai. 
Airport transfers with a Ferrari 488 GTB for rent in Dubai

If solicited by the customer

Pick and drop services available (YES/NO)


Price for renting a Ferrari 488 GTB in Dubai Starting at around AED 3,500 per day 
 Ferrari 488 GTB lease formalities

– a valid passport and a driver’s license,

– standard forms completed online

Available payment types

With debit or credit cards

Car deposit before lease

A small deposit is solicited before renting a Ferrari 488 GTB.

Hotel delivery available

Yes, if the clients is interested in such a service.

Age restrictions Driver must be at least 21 years old to drive a car in Dubai. 
Why choose our luxury car rental services in Dubai  A multitude of car choices, flexibility, affordable prices, simple and fast formalities. 
 Ferrari 488 GTB Spider for a wedding in Dubai A great choice for couples wanting to make a great impression in front of family and friends in Dubai 

Characteristics of Ferrari 488 GTB Spider in Dubai 

– around 305 km/h as top speed,

– aerodynamic improvements,

– increased power output,

– Twin-Turbo 3.9L V8 engine 

Free cancelation available  (YES/NO) 


Insurance for Ferrari 488 GTB Spider in Dubai (YES/NO)  YES 
Immediate booking 

A car is reserved right after customers make a booking. 

 Last minute offer

If available in our Ferarri car collection 

 Lowest prices guarantee for a Ferrari 488 GTB Spider in Dubai

We offer affordable prices for renting a Ferrari 488 GTB in Dubai. 

 24/7 road assistance

In the rental package 

 Car return services in Dubai

If solicited 

Can I drive a Ferrari 488 GTB Spider outside UAE?  Yes, but clients should mention such aspect when renting a Ferrari 488 GTB Spider in Dubai. 
Restrictions for using a Ferrari 488 GTB Spider in Dubai  

Not available to carry out flamable and/or dangerous liquids, drive under the specified age, be part of car races, etc. 

Lease extension available for Ferrari 488 GTB Spider 

Yes, for clients who want to spend more time in Dubai and need to extend the rental contract. 

Information we provide to our customers when renting a Ferrari 488 GTB Spider 

Details about: the pick up point, the assistance provided in specific situations, conditions for renting a Ferrari in Dubai, etc. 

 English-speaking car rental agents in Dubai

Yes, we speak other languages too, besides English. 

 Available currencies for car rental payment Euro, USD, AED, etc. 

The main attributes of the wonderful Ferrari 488 GTB Spider

Ferrari 488 GTB Spider is one of the newest models of the car manufacturer with the first edition launched in 2015, so you will have the chance of driving a modern and spectacular model on the streets of Dubai. You might also be impressed to find out that the Ferrari 488 GTB Spider is:

  1. a two-seat open top car, so it is perfect for speed and adrenaline for hot summers in Dubai;
  2. when it comes to speed, the Ferrari 488 GTB Spider comes with a top speed of 325 km/h;
  3.  the Ferrari 488 GTB Spider can reach from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3 seconds, and from 0 to 200 km/h in 8.7 seconds;
  4.  it comes with a 3.9-liter V8 turbocharged engine and it weighs only 1,420 kg or 3131 lb.

We would also like to add that the Ferrari 488 GTB Spider has the spectacular interior of a Formula 1 Ferrari model, so if you want to feel like you’re on the track, then this is the perfect Ferrari model for you to rent in Dubai. Here is an infographic that explains more:

rent ferrari dubai

Rent a Ferrari 488 GTB Spider for various events in Dubai

If you want to rent a Ferrari 488 GTB Spider in Dubai, you should know that you can drive it to the events you want to attend in this city. You can rent it for personal or corporate events if you feel like it. You will definitely make an impression wherever you will go. Did you come here for the honeymoon? Renting a Ferrari 488 GTB Spider to impress your spouse is definitely a must, in this case! We would also want you to know that a Ferrari 488 GTB Spider for hire in Dubai comes with additional services, such as pick and drop, and you only have to let us know your needs so that we can accommodate them. Our specialists are at your disposal if you want to rent a car in Dubai, especially when talking about a Ferrari.

Dubai’s main attractions seen from a Ferrari 488 GTB Spider

At the beginning of our article we mentioned Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa as the main attractions of Dubai, however, there are so many things you can see here and from a drop-top like Ferrari 488 GTB Spider, you will be able to visit many other places, such as the Bastakia district which is the oldest district in this magical city. Here, you will take a tour of old Dubai and learn how much this city has evolved. If you feel like going to the Dubai Mall, drive there in a Ferrari 488 GTB Spider for rent. You can also arrive in style at the Dubai Museum in the Al-Fahidi Fort and you will have the chance to see Dubai Creek, as well.

You can watch the following video with details about Ferrari 488 GTB for rent in Dubai:

What about long-term rentals and a Ferrari 488 GTB?

Some say that you cannot please with just a couple of days on board of a stunning Ferrari 488 GTB Spider. They sure have a good point and that because this is a spectacular car you would want to drive over and over again. This is where our team of luxury car rental agents in Dubai can propose you rent a Ferrari 488 GTB Spider on long-term in Dubai. When it comes to Ferrari cars, you should check our offers and facilities quite well before making a decision on this matter. It is not that hard to choose a Ferrari 488 GTB for rent in Dubai, but you should look for the offer that suits most of your needs. Renting a Ferrari 488 GTB on long-term can be an excellent choice, not to mention that you can benefit from special price offers. We remind that we can handle your requests of any kind, so feel free to talk to us about how to rent a Ferrari 488 GTB in Dubai.

A Ferrari 488 GTB Spider rented by the hour or day in Dubai

When deciding on a vacation to Dubai, the next thing that comes in mind right after you have established the main attraction points to visit is to look for a proper means of transportation. This is where a Ferrari 488 GTB for rent in Dubai can be an ideal choice for you. You have the possibility of renting such a car by the hour, no matter the reasons or events you might have. It is good to know that renting a Ferrari 488 GTB by the hour in Dubai might be subject to higher costs compared to long-term rentals. There are many reasons why tourists choose renting a Ferrari 488 GTB Spider for a couple of hours: some might need to attend to special events in short notice or some just simply want to enjoy such a car for a few hours if they have a particular budget. In the case of renting a Ferrari 488 GTB Spider for a whole day, some can benefit from advantageous costs and offers. More than that, they have the possibility of visiting the hot places in Dubai in just one day without thinking that they run out of time and they need to drop the rented vehicle. Please talk to our specialists and find out more about how to rent a Ferrari 488 GTB by the hour or for an entire day.

A Ferrari 488 GTB Spider and pick & drop services in Dubai

Our fleet of Ferrari cars for rent in Dubai stands at your disposal at any time, alongside a wide range of facilities, among which, we mention pick and drop services. This means that you can pick up your rented Ferrari 488 GTB Spider from the airport or any other established place, enjoy the car for a couple of hours or days and then drop it in the same place. This kind of facility is among the preferred ones when it comes to renting luxury cars in Dubai. You can enjoy a spectacular Ferrari 488 GTB Spider right at the time you arrive in Dubai and then prepare for an experience you will never forget. No matter the special events you might have for visiting Dubai (meetings, honeymoon, corporate affairs, etc.), we suggest you take a look at our pick & drop services and see if they suit right. All your requests can be properly handled by one of our specialists, by phone or by email, mentioning that all the formalities involved are quite simple.

Can I rent a Ferrari 488 GTB Spider from the airport?

Yes, you can definitely decide on driving a Ferrari 488 GTB Spider right from the airport if you choose such services. Some might think that the trip from the airport to the hotel or any other place might be boring or quite long, so why not lavish yourself from the first moments on board of a drop-dead gorgeous Ferrari 488 GTB Spider? Deciding for airport transfers is always a great idea and that because you don’t have to worry about the means of transportation. And if you rent a Ferrari 488 GTB Spider, things will get more excited because this is a great opportunity to test a whole new level of adrenaline right at your arrival in Dubai. 

Interesting facts about Ferrari 488 GTB Spider

Even though the red color is for Ferrari cars, the 488 Spider model also comes in metallic blue, yellow, white or black. Such models are seen on the streets anywhere in the world, for so many years. Ferrari 488 GTB Spider also has a small display for the passenger, in order to see everything that happens with the car: inside and outside. An interesting fact about Ferrari 488 GTB Spider refers to the sales of this car in UK. It seems that 54% of the production of this vehicle in the mid-2010s has been sold to the United Kingdom only, meaning that there are numerous Ferrari 488 GTB Spider owners in this country.

What differentiates the 488 GTB Spider from other Ferrari models?

Our fleet of Ferraris for rent in Dubai is comprised of various models, however, here a few of the attributes of the 488 GTB Spider model which make it unique and outstanding from others:

  •    it offers a great handling precision and you won’t even know when you’ve taken a turn or curve;
  •    it uses the latest turbocharging technology which is also one of the fastest in the world;
  •    it is one of the most aerodynamic models launched by Ferrari until now;
  •    GTB stands for Gran Turismo Berlinetta, another iconic model of Dubai;
  •    it was the Super Car of the Year 2015 and the Best Driver’s Car in 2017.

Our car rental agents in Dubai can offer other reasons for you to rent a Ferrari 488 GTB Spider when coming to Dubai.

How much does it cost to rent a Ferrari 488 GTB Spider in Dubai?

The rental price range for such a model is not very high for such an impressive model. As a matter of fact, the price for renting a Ferrari 488 GTB Spider is a mid-range one and it starts at 3,500 AED per day. However, it can be subject to special rates and offers.

The magic behind a Ferrari 488 GTB for hire in Dubai

We could say that the Ferrari 488 GTB is itself a wonder of the automotive industry, being one of the few Ferraris equipped with an 8-cylinder engine, as the first model with this engine was Ferrari Berlinetta. As a matter of fact, for those who wonder, GTB stands for Gran Turismo Berlinetta, so it could be said that the new Ferrari 488 GTB which can be rented in Dubai is the follower of one of the most spectacular Ferraris which wrote the history of Formula 1 races.

Returning to our Ferrari 488 GTB, here are a few of its technical specs which should convince any tourist to rent it:

  • the new 488 GTB has 670 horsepower, 100 horsepower more than its predecessor the Ferrari 458;
  • the engine on the new Ferrari 488 GTB is a twin-turbo 3,9 liter which has improved the weight of this model to 1,4 tons;
  • the top speed on the new 488 GTB is 330 km/h with the capability of going from 0 to 100 km/h in 3 seconds precisely;
  • the transmission relies on a 7-speed automatic dual-clutch with a maximum torque of 760nm at 3000 rpm.

If you need other information on the specs of the Ferrari 488 GTB, or better yet, you decide to rent one while in Dubai, our rental specialist can help you. From the same category, you can also rent a Ferrari 488 GTB Spider in Dubai.

The new Ferrari 488 GTB comes with a spectacular design

Both the inside and the outside of the Ferrari 488 GTB are made of premium material which shows just how expensive this car is. Luckily, you don’t need to worry about buying one if you want to drive it, as you can rent it during your vacation in Dubai.

Here a few facts about the design of the wonderful Ferrari 488 GTB:

  • the Ferrari 488 GTB is a coupe, which means it can be occupied by the driver and a passenger who can lavish themselves in one of the finest leathers;
  • the feel when seat behind the wheel of a Ferrari 488 GTB is that of sitting at the wheel of a race car as it is extremely low;
  • the breaks of this magnificent car are made of Carbon ceramic fiber in order to ensure your safety while behind its wheel;
  • among its most important features, we can mention the keyless ignition, the satellite-compatible audio system, the USB port through which you can play your favorite music.

The Ferrari 488 GTB comes equipped with 20-inch alloy rims and even parking sensors.

If you want to rent a car in Dubai, Ferrari should definitely be your first choice. Our agents can recommend you one of our finest Ferrari models.

Why rent a Ferrari in Dubai with us?

If you plan on visiting Dubai, you should definitely consider doing something you’ve always dreamed if it includes driving a sports car. With us, you can rent not any sports car, but a Ferrari 488 GTB which matches Dubai like a glove.

If you consider such a car comes at an expensive cost, you would be surprised to find out that it is not that expensive. Whether you want to rent a specific Ferrari in Dubai or you want to take advantage of one of our special offers, you will always find a model to match both your desire and pocket.

Our rental services come with extra benefits, among which we mention the possibility of having the car waiting for you at the airport and dropping you directly at the hotel, and the option of renting it for a few hours, for a special event or for a few days. Also, you can book your favorite Ferrari 488 GTB months before your vacations, if you feel like it.

If you want to rent a Ferrari in Dubai and have not decided on a model yet, we can help you choose in accordance with your needs or the number of persons you will travel with.

The specs of Ferrari 488 GTB yellow for rent in Dubai

Even if the main difference between the, let’s call it ‘regular’ Ferrari 488 GTB which comes in the usual red and the yellow model is just the color, this particularity makes quite a difference when it comes to the price of such a model. Back to the specs of the Ferrari 488 GTB yellow, a first-time renter could be impressed by:

  • the 670-horsepower engine in the light-weight chassis of this spectacular Ferrari model;
  • speaking about the engine, the one on the new model is a 3,9—liter turbocharged engine;
  • the top speed on the Ferrari 488 GTB yellow is electronically limited at 330 km/h;
  • the 0 to 100 km/h is reached in only 3 seconds in the new Ferrari 488 GTB yellow.

Ferrari 488 GTB is one of the most popular models for hire in Dubai, but our rental agents can also advise on other Ferraris you can enjoy in this superb city.

Driving a Ferrari 488 GTB yellow in Dubai

It’s not easy to turn people’s heads when you’re on vacation in Dubai because luxury is at home here. However, when you decide to rent a Ferrari 488 GTB yellow in Dubai, you have the highest chances of doing that.

The Ferrari 488 GTB yellow is definitely an impressive model, especially when considering the other models, such as the Ferrari 488 GTB Spider which can also be rented with us, if you plan on renting a car in Dubai.

When talking about the feeling of driving a Ferrari for hire in Dubai, especially the 488 GTB yellow model, the sporty look and driving position behind the wheel will take you right out of Dubai on the Formula 1 track.

Our rental advisors are at your disposal with detailed information about the price of a Ferrari for rent in Dubai, whether we are talking about this special model or another one.

The difference between the Ferrari 488 GTB yellow and other Ferraris

Of course, the first and most important difference between the Ferrari 488 GTB yellow and, let’s say, the Ferrari Portofino is the color. And it is important to note that yellow color because it cannot be found on too many Ferraris.

Ferrari 488 GTB yellow is based on an older Ferrari model, the Berlinetta, however, the engineers and designers at Ferrari developed a whole new concept when creating the Ferrari 488 GTB. The yellow model is not often seen on the streets, not even on those in Dubai, therefore if you decide to rent a Ferrari 488 GTB yellow, you will definitely feel special, just like the car.

If you have any questions about Ferrari cars for hire in Dubai, our agents are at your disposal with information about the prices, duration and additional services you can choose in order to make your vacation or short trip unforgettable.

Rent a Ferrari 488 GTB yellow in Dubai with us

No matter if you have been to Dubai until now and driven such a magnificent car, or this is your first time here, you should definitely rent a Ferrari. With us, you can rent any Ferrari model you want, including a Ferrari 488 GTB yellow.

Our services are tailored to the request of our clients because special cars such as Ferrari will definitely attract special clients, therefore do not hesitate to let us know your interests and we will do our best to make them happen.

If you want to rent a Ferrari 488 GTB yellow with us, here’s what to expect:

  • a great price which will be customized based on the period you will be in Dubai;
  • personalized offers if you want to rent the spectacular Ferrari 488 GTB yellow for a longer period of time;
  • pickup and drop services – pick up your car from where you want and drop it at the airport when you leave;
  • personalized advice if you are interested and want to rent another Ferrari model in Dubai.

The Ferrari Italia 458 Spider

Created and unveiled in 2009 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the Ferrari Italia 458 Spider is the successor of Ferrari F430 model which was launched in 2004 and manufactured until 2009 when it replaced it.

Designed as a mid-engine sports car, the Ferrari Italia 458 Spider features a 4.5-liter engine capable of developing 592 HP at the outstanding 9,000 rpm. The same engine uses direct fuel injection, representing the first engine featuring the mid-engine setup for a car that can be driven on the street and not on the race track.

Here are a few more interesting facts about the Ferrari Italia 458 Spider and why you should rent it while in Dubai:

  1. the Ferrari Italia 458 Spider can go from 0 to 100 km/h in only 3,4 seconds, quite impressive we would say;
  2. Ferrari Italia 458 Spider’s maximum speed is 325 km/h, but you don’t need that speed to be impressed by its power;
  3. the Ferrari Italia 458 Spider comes equipped with a dual-clutch 7-speed Getrag gearbox which was borrowed by Mercedes for some of its cars;
  4. the Ferrari Italia 458 Spider also comes with an F1-Trac traction control system which improves the car’s acceleration by 32% compared to its predecessor;
  5. the Carbon ceramic brakes offer great control and a significant reduction of the braking distance.

If you want to rent a Ferrari Italia 458 Spider in Dubai, our rental specialists can accommodate your desire. We can provide you other services, such as pick up and drop services, or you can rent other Ferrari models with us, such as the Portofino model.

Why rent a Ferrari Italia 458 Spider in Dubai?

Dubai and Ferrari, not just the Italia 458 Spider model fit together perfectly, considering this marvelous city has the roads such a car can be driven on. Moreover, you will have the chance of going to one place or another without waiting for taxis, buses or other means of transportation.

If you come with your significant other or with a friend on vacation in Dubai, a Ferrari Italia 458 Spider is just the car you will need to move around the city and reach any destination in the shortest time possible.

You could be surprised by the fact that most residents of Dubai rent cars for their daily activities. Even if they don’t always rent Ferraris, this should be no impediment for you to rent a Ferrari while in Dubai.

You will not need to worry about scratching or damaging the car, as it comes fully ensured, so go ahead and reserve a Ferrari Italia 458 Spider for rent right now!

With us, you can rent not only the Ferrari Italia 458 Spider, but you can choose a Ferrari 812 Superfast for hire in Dubai. Just let us know what model impressed you the most, and we can accommodate that desire.

Things to consider when renting a Ferrari Italia 458 Spider in Dubai

You can rent a Ferrari Italia 458 Spider for various events in Dubai. Weddings, corporate parties, and anniversaries are just a few of the events people rent Ferraris in Dubai for. However, you can personalize the services you are interested in having if you want to rent a car in Dubai, including a Ferrari.

Here is what you need to know if you want to rent a Ferrari Italia 458 Spider in Dubai:

  • make sure you reserve the car ahead, in order to not miss the great opportunity of driving such a magnificent car;
  • you don’t need to send us all the money ahead when renting a Ferrari Italia 458 Spider, a small deposit will do;
  • you will need to have a valid driver’s license when arriving in Dubai and picking up your Ferrari for rent;
  • you can choose the timeframe you want to reserve the car for, so please let us know ahead about your plans.

We offer both long-term and short-term rental services in Dubai, depending on your needs and desires.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about the Ferrari 488 GTB Spider and how you can rent it. We are at your disposal with various services if you plan to visit and rent a Ferrari in Dubai.