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Rent a Ferrari vs. Lamborghini in Dubai

Rent a Ferrari vs. Lamborghini in Dubai

Dubai is a city where wealth and luxury combine splendidly. Dubai is home to some of the tallest buildings in the world, some of the most spectacular museums and landmarks of the region, and has a great infrastructure that seems especially created for the amazing cars driving by. Speaking of cars, the luxury car rental industry is one of the most prolific sectors in Dubai, as many residents and tourists rent cars for daily or occasional uses. Among the most popular cars which can be seen in Dubai are Ferraris and Lamborghinis, two of the most magnificent sports cars and rivals in Italy. Our rental agents in Dubai have prepared a small comparison between the rental of a Ferrari and a Lamborghini for those passionate about Italian sports cars. We recommend you rent a Ferrari in Dubai, as our fleet can definitely meet and even surpass your expectations.

The history of Ferrari

If you want to rent a car in Dubai and cannot decide between a Ferrari and Lamborghini, maybe we can convince you to choose the Ferrari instead of the Lamborghini. Here is some information about Ferrari’s history:

  1. Ferrari was born in 1947, a few years ahead Lamborghini, and is the creation of the former Formula 1 pilot Enzo Ferrari;
  2. the first model created by Ferrari was called Ferrari 125S and was produced in Maranello;
  3. Ferrari produces some of the best Formula 1 cars in the world, the Italian Scuderia winning 235 Grand Prizes until 2018;
  4. Ferrari was the first sports car manufacturer to bring a rear-mounted engine on a car in 1973;
  5. the ’70ies and the ‘90ies were representative years for Ferrari, as innovation continued with models like Ferrari 355 Berlinetta and Ferrari F40;
  6. in the 2000s, Ferrari started producing more street sports cars, among which the most purchased ones are the Ferrari California T and the Ferrari 458 Italia.

If you decide to rent a Ferrari in Dubai, we have some good news for you: with us, you can rent any of the models mentioned above, plus others, among which the Ferrari FF and Ferrari 458 Spider.

Short history of Lamborghini

Automobili Lamborghini was established in 1963 in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy,  by Ferruccio Lamborghini, the man who stands behind one of the finest sports cars ever built. The interesting fact is that the new cars were designed with the help of a former Ferrari engineer. The company’s logo represents the zodiac sign of Ferruccio, Taurus, or the bull, which rapidly became an iconic symbol known worldwide. The cutting-edge design and vision played a huge role in creating the amazing Lamborghini cars that continue to astonish the world nowadays. 

The ’70s came with financial difficulties for the owner of the Lamborghini factory, who sold the sports car business and retired. Volkswagen, purchased Lamborghini in 1990 and continued to develop the business and create models like Murcielago, and Gallardo. The history of Lamborghini continued after Ferruccio died in 1993, leaving an amazing legacy to the world and the proof that small dreams can turn into reality if you believe.

Lamborghini, Ferrari’s most important rival

Compared to Ferrari, Lamborghini began its journey like a tractor designer, Ferruccio Lamborghini answering Enzo Ferrari’s dare in 1963 when Lamborghini Automobili was born. Ever since, the Italian car producer has created many models, among which the most important ones are the Lamborghini 350 GT which was the first car launched by the manufacturer at the Geneva Motor Show in 1964.
Among the other outstanding models created by the Italian sports car producer is Miura, which was also considered the first supercar of the manufacturer, Aventador, Urus, Gallardo, Murcielago, and Huracan being the other Lamborghini cars to write history. We can only say that some of Lamborghini’s models were inspired by Ferrari.

If you are interested in the price of renting a Ferrari in Dubai, our rental specialists can help you with detailed information. You can also take advantage of our special offers.

What is the best car to rent in Dubai: Ferrari or Lamborghini?

We cannot choose on your behalf, but we can definitely make some recommendations when it comes to a Ferrari for hire in DubaiComparing Ferrari to Lamborghini we can say that:

  • compared to Lamborghini cars which have a more aerodynamic look, Ferrari cars appear to be more elegant;
  • when it comes to engines, Ferrari relies on V-8 and V-12 engines, while Lamborghini cars come equipped with V-8, V-10, and V-12 engines;
  • in terms of transmission, the differences aren’t many, most models of both manufacturers being equipped with 7-speed dual clutches;
  • in terms of model availability, Ferrari sticks to convertible models, while Lamborghini went as far as to create an SUV;
  • the interior of Ferrari models is usually bathed in leather and carbon, while Lamborghini relies on carbon fibers for most of its models.

When having to choose between a Lamborghini and a Ferrari for rent in Dubai, we recommend you consider a few aspects, such as the number of persons who will be traveling with you and the price. Of course, the preference for one of the manufactures will also have an impact on your choice.

A Lamborghini or a Ferrari for airport transfers

Our car rental company in Dubai offers a wide range of services, and among these, the airport transfers. This means that you can be transferred from the airport in Dubai to your next destination in the city whether the hotel or another place. A Lamborghini or a Ferrari can be selected for an airport transfer, and no matter the car you choose, this can be picked up right from the airport as soon as you arrive. Driving a Lamborghini or a Ferrari car means tasting the freedom, especially in Dubai, the city that offers no only excellent roads for a new level of adrenaline, but also a wide range of opportunities to explore, and places to discover that cannot be described in just a few words. Interested in renting a Ferrari or a Lamborghini in Dubai? Do not hesitate and get in touch with one of our car rental agents and ask for recommendations and support. You can have a great vacation in Dubai and drive one of the most spectacular sports cars in the world: a Ferrari or a Lamborghini.

Why choose a Ferrari for your events in Dubai

A special occasion in Dubai requires a set of preparations in most cases. You cannot neglect the means of transportation because it is extremely important and can match your image instantly. A Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso or a Ferrari 488 GTB can be selected for rent in Dubai if you plan to attend a special event in the city, like a reunion with business partners or friends you would like to impress with your great taste in cars. A Ferrari 458 Coupe or Spider for rent in Dubai are other amazing options or sports cars you can drive in the city. Attending a party you cannot miss? Or probably a fashion show in Dubai? A Ferrari 458 Coupe or Ferrari 458 Spider should be just the proper sports car for a special occasion like this. You can feel like a VIP and make your entrance in style without any regrets. It is true, happiness comes in small packages, but in Dubai, it is quite recommended to rent a Ferrari and benefit from a full package of joy. Ready for new experiences in Dubai? Feel free to rent a Ferrari in Dubai and experience new things right from the start. Our car rental agents in Dubai can help you with the formalities.

Why rent a Lamborghini in Dubai?

Lamborghini is considered the big rival of Ferrari, yet it is one of the most loved and appreciated sports cars in the world. It is true, some people might find it difficult to select one of the above-mentioned cars, so, why hot have both? A special occasion in Dubai requires your full attention, even for the care you want to drive. Dubai is full of surprises, so let yourself be surprised on board of a Lamborghini Murcielago, Aventador, Huracan, or Diablo when attending a unique event in Dubai. Besides paying attention to what you will wear to the event in Dubai, you should select the Lamborghini model to drive. It is quite simple if you know what you like and what would you want to drive to a special event in Dubai. Otherwise, if you have difficulties in selecting the proper Lamborghini car, just ask a specialist to help you make the right decision.

Lamborghini and Ferrari cars made history from the beginning and continue to amaze with the latest technology implemented on new models. Driving a Ferrari or a Lamborghini means entering a new world and exploring brand-new possibilities, with joy and thrills. Let yourself be surprised by two of the most appreciated sports cars in the world: Ferrari and Lamborghini.

Ferrari for rent in Dubai with our agents

We specialize in offering Ferrari rental solutions for those who come for vacations, corporate travels, city-breaks, and all sorts of events in Dubai. We like to get to know our clients’ tastes in matters of cars in order to make the appropriate recommendations which will also match their budgets.

If you decide to rent a Ferrari in Dubai and need assistance in choosing the right model, do not hesitate to contact us. We also offer other services, such as pick and drop and airport transfer.