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Rent Ferrari California Turbo Convertible in Dubai

Rent Ferrari California Turbo Convertible in Dubai

If you have already planned your vacation in Dubai, you can still make some adjustments to your itinerary or program which do not interfere too much with your schedule. One of these changes could refer to renting a car, such as Ferrari, for your trip to Dubai. You can book your Ferrari a few days or weeks before your vacation, and if you decide to rent it with us, we would recommend the Ferrari California Turbo convertible which is the perfect option for a summer vacation. Let us tell you why the Ferrari California Turbo convertible is one of the most amazing cars which you can rent in Dubai in the article below.

 Quick Facts  
 Types of category for Ferrari California Turbo Convertible  2-door hard top grand tourer convertible

 Ferrari California Turbo Convertible type of motors

Twin-Turbo V8 

 Purposes for Ferrari California Turbo Convertible car rental in Dubai

– special events,

– city trips,

– reunions,

– exclusive events 

 Attributes of a California Turbo Convertible car

– classic proportions,

– luxurious and comfortable,

– modern shapes,

– low environmental impact 

 Ferrari California Turbo Convertible car rental for long-term

 For people who stay Dubai over a month

 Ferrari California Turbo Convertible car rental for short-term

For tourists who visit Dubai for just a few days 

 Airport transfers with a Ferrari California Turbo Convertible for rent in Dubai

If solicited by the customer 

 Pick and drop services available (YES/NO)


 Price for renting a Ferrari California Turbo Convertible in Dubai

Starting at AED 2,000 per day 

 Ferrari California Turbo Convertible lease formalities

– valid passport and/or ID,

– standard online forms,

– valid driver’s license 

 Available payment types

Online, with credit or debit cards 

 Car deposit before lease

A small amount of money is solicited before renting the car. 

 Hotel delivery available

 A small amount is required before renting the car.

 Age restrictions

Driver must be at least 21 years of age. 

Why choose our luxury car rental services in Dubai 

 – great prices,

– spectacular Ferrari car collection,

– fast and simple rental formalities 

 Ferrari California T for a wedding in Dubai  We can prepare your car and handle the formalities for your special event in Dubai.

 Characteristics of Ferrari California T

– folding metal roof,

– start/stop technology,

– completely modular chassis

 Free cancelation available  (YES/NO)


 Insurance for Ferrari California T (YES/NO)  Yes
Immediate booking  

Yes, once we receive your request, we prepare the documents and then your Ferrari California is reserved. 

 Last minute offer

Check the offers by contacting us online or by phone. 

 Lowest prices guaranteed for a Ferrari California Turbo

 Talk to our car rental agents for a personalized offer.

 24/7 road assistance

Available service for our customers in Dubai  

 Car return services in Dubai

 We have the fastest car return system and you can choose pick-and-drop services in Dubai.

Can I drive a Ferrari California T outside UAE?   Check the formalities with one of our car rental specialists in Dubai.
 Restrictions for using a Ferrari California Turbo in Dubai

Not available for:

– car races,

– off-road driving,

– transportation of flammable liquids, etc. 

Lease extension available for Ferrari California T in Dubai 

Yes, if you want to prolong your vacation in Dubai. 

 Information we provide to our customers when renting a Ferrari California T in Dubai

– registered lease contract,

– information about the pick-up point,

– conditions for renting a Ferrari in Dubai,

– details about assistance we offer in special situations, etc. 

 English-speaking car rental agents in Dubai

Yes, we speak other languages too. 

 Available currencies for car rental payment EUR, USD and other currencies available online at the time of payment 

What can you find under the hood of Ferrari California T convertible?

Here is what to expect if you decide to rent a Ferrari California Turbo convertible in Dubai:

  • one of the newest and most powerful twin-turbo engines of Ferrari, under the hood of the California T convertible you will find the V8 3.9-liter one;
  • you can accelerate the Ferrari California Turbo from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.6 seconds, so brace yourself for real speed;
  • the same V8 3.9-liter engine develops a maximum power of 453 horsepower with a maximum torque of 485 Nm;
  • the Ferrari California T model comes with the F1-Trac system when it comes to traction control;
  • you can also enjoy a 7-speed dual-clutch if you want to know how driving a Formula 1 car feels like.

If you need a Ferrari California rental in Dubai, you can be sure that this model can represent your choice, however, our rental specialists can also guide you on renting other models, such as the Ferrari 458 Coupe.

The Ferrari California T convertible – a premiere from many points of view

Ferrari California T in its convertible or non-convertible form represents a first from many points of view for the car producer. Among these, we can enumerate the following:

  1. Ferrari California was the first model to be equipped with the start/stop technology;
  2. the California Turbo model was the first Ferrari to have a completely modular chassis;
  3. another premiere of this car is that it is entirely made of new aluminum alloys, which makes it quite light;
  4. the California Turbo Convertible model was the first Ferrari to have a folding metal roof;
  5. Ferrari California was also the first model to have its V8 engine placed at the front;
  6. another remarkable premiere is related to this model being the first one with a direct petrol injection.

As you can read, the Ferrari California Turbo convertible is one of the most successful models when it comes to implementing innovation on a car, and we must admit that not that many producers dare to “package” so much innovation in one car.

If we have convinced you to rent the outstanding Ferrari California Turbo convertible in Dubai, do not hesitate to ask our car rental agents in Dubai about it right now! You can also watch the following presentation:

The Ferrari California T – an outstanding car

Ferrari California T is perhaps one of the most popular cars you can see down the streets of Dubai. It is simply is one of the most amazing cars ever produced by the famous race cars manufacturer.
Ferrari California T is a sports grand-tourer which came into production in 2014. It is the successor of the Ferrari California Type F149 and of the California 30 which was launched in 2012.

The new Ferrari California T is a two-door convertible model which is why it catches the eye of those who simply take a look at it.

If you decide to rent a Ferrari California T for your vacation in Dubai, imagine that you can drive it with the top on or off, depending on your mood, however, we recommend you drive it with the top off in order to feel the gentle breeze of Dubai’s waters.

We also have other Ferrari cars for hire in Dubai, such as the splendid Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso which can be used as a family car.

A brief history of the Ferrari California T for rent in Dubai

If you are not convinced to rent a car in Dubai, then you should jump directly to a Ferrari car in order to stop second-guessing your ideas. Here is what recommends Ferrari California T as your rental choice in Dubai, according to its long-lasting history:

  1. the Ferrari California T was recreated in order to revive the 1950 and 1960 Ferrari 250 GT Spyder California, respectively 365 California;
  2. the first modern Ferrari California was launched in 2008 until the California T model has seen the light of day in 2014;
  3. the Ferrari California T is the predecessor of Ferrari Portofino which was launched in 2018;
  4. the T model has one of the most modern looks created by Pininfarina SPA as it was created for Ferrari owners interested in replacing their older models;
  5. Ferrari California T is a landmark for the manufacturer as it incorporates many of the first-time concepts implemented on Ferrari road cars.

If you decide to rent a Ferrari in Dubai and you were convinced by the California T model, you can ask us for more information anytime. You can also rent other models with us, such as Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.

Ferrari California T – specs

If you want to rent a Ferrari California T in Dubai, you will find a V-8 engine that relies on a 7-speed dual-clutch with automatic transmission which will deliver 553 horsepower which will take you from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.6 seconds. The 3.9-liter twin-turbocharged engine can reach a maximum speed of 315 km/h. The Ferrari California T is the first Ferrari car to be equipped with the Apple CarPlay app in its infotainment system; this way you will be able to play your favorite music while you drive.

If you want to rent a Ferrari California T in Dubai, you should also know that this outstanding model comes with a Handling Speciale package which was implemented on the newer version of the car which was released in 2017. This package will offer you the feel of driving a race car, as it implies sporty driving and stiffer suspension.

We can also assist with other Ferrari cars for rent in Dubai, among which the Ferrari 488 GTB. Also, if you have any other preferences, do not hesitate to let us know.

A Ferrari California T for special events in Dubai

Dubai is a city that needs no further presentation. However, life in Dubai is quite exciting and tourists have the opportunity of renting a Ferrari California Turbo for their special events in the city. Some might want to feel confident on board of a spectacular and iconic car like the Ferrari California Turbo Convertible, while others want to simply raise the adrenaline level in a car like this. Attending exclusive parties in Dubai asks for a perfect image completed by a car that made history. Anniversaries are important to those wanting to enjoy the moment and to offer as many surprises as possible. This is a case where a Ferrari California rental in Dubai can play a great role if you decide on getting in touch with us and find out more details. Feel free to enjoy your vacation in Dubai and explore the possibilities by renting a Ferrari California T for you and your loved one. We can assist you with the entire formalities of renting such a beautiful car.

Asking for airport transfers and a Ferrari California T in Dubai

Those looking for a great and affordable means of transportation can send us their inquiries when booking a trip to Dubai. Instead of wondering how you can rent a car at the time of the arrival in the city, airport transfer services in Dubai might be the proper solution. This means that you can get your car right from the airport and enjoy an amazing ride on board of a rented Ferrari California wherever the roads might take you. This is often a solution for those who would rather be prepared in every detail, instead of making calls or reservations when arriving in Dubai. The formalities for Ferrari California rental in Dubai are straightforward and allow customers to enjoy a great vacation without losing a single moment. If you would like to know more about the airport transfer services available in Dubai, do not hesitate to discuss all the details with our car rental representatives in Dubai.

Having a wedding in Dubai? Ask for Ferrari California rental in Dubai

Many couples decide on getting married in beautiful Dubai. The landscapes are simply stunning, and the facilities in accordance. A special occasion like this should be attentively prepared, so if you believe that a Ferrari California T will make the difference, then you are right. We invite you to discover the prices and offers for Ferrari California rental in Dubai and get in touch with one of our specialists for more details and other formalities. We handled a wide range of special events for which a Ferrari car was required and quite recommended. You can rely on the support of our team of specialists and let them prepare your Ferrari California for rent in Dubai.

FAQ on Ferrari California T for hire in Dubai

1. Can I book the Ferrari California T before I come to Dubai?
Yes, it is possible to book the Ferrari California T or any other Ferrari model prior to arrival.

2. Can I rent the Ferrari California T when I arrive in Dubai?
You can rent it, as long as it is in our fleet at that moment. It is advisable to reserve the car you want to rent in Dubai prior to your arrival.

3.For how long can I rent the Ferrari California T in Dubai?
We offer both short and long-term rental services, so the period you want to rent it depends on you.

4. How much does it cost to rent a Ferrari California T in Dubai?
The price depends on how long you want to hire the car and on the additional services if you require any.

5. Can I rent a Ferarri California T for one day in Dubai?
Yes, if you cannot stay longer in Dubai and you are interested in a Ferrari California rental in Dubai for one day, you can be sure that we can help you with this option. You can simply send us an email or request a call back.

6. Can I ask for airport transfers and a Ferrari California Turbo in Dubai?
Of course, our clients have many options and can receive just the car rental services they need. We can tell you more about the airport transfer facilities in Dubai.

7. Can I rent a Ferrari California T for special events in Dubai?
Yes, you have the option of renting a Ferrari California Turbo Convertible in Dubai for any special event you might need to attend. Send your inquiries and let us help you.

8. Can I book a Ferrari California T for a wedding in Dubai?
Yes, we have handle weddings before, and our clients received top Ferrari California rental services in Dubai. Those who want to make a great entrance to the wedding can consider renting such a beautiful sports car in Dubai.

9. Can I rent a Ferrari California T by the hour in Dubai?
Yes, Ferrari California rental in Dubai is available for this kind of service. Clients can rent a Ferrari California T in Dubai by the hour. The formalities are simple, just like for any kind of rental service.

10. Why choose our car rental agents in Dubai?
We have experience in the car rental business and we work with complete attention to the needs of our clients. Renting a Ferrari in Dubai is not complicated, and our agents are at the disposal of customers who want to explore new possibilities in terms of sports cars.

Rent a spectacular Ferrari California Turbo convertible in Dubai with us

With years of experience in the car rental industry in Dubai, you can rely on us if you want to rent a Ferrari, including the California Turbo convertible model which is in our fleet. As a recommendation, you should decide on the Ferrari model for hire as soon as possible because of the high demand. Renting a car for various purposes is quite ordinary in Dubai, and many tourists and businesspersons choose Ferrari cars to drive here because some models, such as the California Turbo convertible model, are small and offer easy maneuverability in a crowded city. Dubai is a crowded city when it comes to cars, so a Ferrari can be your option.

Turn an ordinary vacation into an extraordinary one by renting a Ferrari California Turbo convertible with us. You can enjoy our offers, as well as many other services, such as pick and drop and a private chauffeur if you need one. If we have convinced you to rent a Ferrari California Turbo convertible in Dubai, don’t doubt in contacting us.