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Rent Ferrari FF in Dubai

Rent Ferrari FF in Dubai

If you haven’t planned, but you are in the process of planning your vacation in Dubai, there are a few things to consider: the period of the year you want to visit this gorgeous city, the accommodation (you will have plenty of hotels to choose from), and the means of transportation. Many tourists leave transportation outside their travel plans, however, our rental specialists feel a little bit differently about this aspect and recommend you rent a car when you arrive in Dubai, for example, a beautiful Ferrari car.

 Quick Facts  
Type of category for Ferrari FF

Four seats Grand Tourer

Ferrari FF type of motors

6.3 – Liter F140

Purposes for Ferrari FF car rental in Dubai

– sightseeing,

– special events,

– daily activities in the city,

– exclusive events

Attributes of a Ferrari FF car

– automatic transmission,

– 4 seater 12 cylinder car,

– automatic Climate Control,

– multi-function steering wheel,

– a car with shooting brake body style

Ferrari FF car rental for long-term

For persons who stay in the city for more than just a few days

 Ferrari FF car rental for short-term

For clients who stay in Dubai for only a few days

Airport transfers with a Ferrari FF for rent in Dubai

Dedicated service to interested clients 

 Pick and drop services available (YES/NO) Yes 
Price for renting a Ferrari FF in Dubai

Around AED 20,000 per week

Ferrari FF lease formalities

– a valid driver’s license,

– valid passport and/or ID,

– standard online forms offered by our car hire company

Available payment types

Online, with credit or debit cards

Car deposit before lease

A small money deposit is solicited before renting a Ferrari FF in Dubai

 Hotel delivery available

A great option for those interested in our Ferarri car rental services in Dubai

Age restrictions At least 21 years for driving a Ferrari FF  
Why choose our luxury car rental services in Dubai

– affordable prices compared to other rental companies,

– simple formalities made online,

– safe payments 

Below, our rental agents explain why you should choose the Ferrari FF for rent in Dubai. Of course, you will find this magnificent model in our fleet.

What does FF stand for in Ferrari FF?

The name of the Ferrari FF derives from four seats and four-wheel drive; however, no one wants to use such a large name, especially for a sports car. Ferrari FF is one of the iconic four-seat models from the car manufacturer and if you want to drive it, you can rent it with us during your vacation in Dubai.

Here are some of the features of the wonderful Ferrari FF for rent in Dubai:

  1. Ferrari FF hides a 6.3 liter-engine under its hood, which is one of the most impressive engines ever used by the manufacturer;
  2. a large engine like this could not develop less than 651 horsepower, so you will definitely be impressed by it;
  3. the Ferrari FF is one of the first models to have the new four-wheel system patented under the name of 4RM;
  4. the same four-wheel-drive system provides, as the producer says ‘intelligent power’ to each of the four wheels;
  5. the FF model can reach 0 to 100 km/h in no more than 3.7 seconds if you want to test its abilities;
  6. the top speed of Ferrari FF is limited at 335 km/h, however, we wouldn’t recommend trying to reach that limit.

The Ferrari FF is one of the most spectacular models created by Pininfarina. We should also mention that it was first unveiled in 2011 in Geneva.

You can rent the Ferrari FF for various occasions in Dubai. We can also help you choose among other magnificent models, such as the Ferrari California T.

Ferrari FF for rent in Dubai, one of the most awarded cars of Ferrari

Indeed, Ferrari FF was awarded by several automobile magazines, among which:

  • the Chinese magazine Car and Driver which announced it as the most beautiful supercar of the year 2011;
  • the most popular imported car of 2011 at the Shanghai Auto Show -this time, the award came from Oriental TV;
  • the Estate Car of the Year 2011 which was announced by Top Gear, one of the most important auto magazines in the world;
  • The Indian version of Top Gear also awarded Ferrari FF as the Luxury Car of The Year 2012.

With so many awards, who wouldn’t want to drive the Ferrari FF? If you want it, you can book it with our rental consultants in Dubai right now. In 2016, Ferrari FF got a facelift but also a name change, becoming the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso, another model you can rent with us if you plan on visiting Dubai.

Why rent the Ferrari FF in Dubai?

This is simple question deserves a simple answer: because of its unique shape. If you need an elaborated answer, we can tell you that the Ferrari FF has the body shape of a shooting-brake, according to the producer. In our words, the Ferrari FF is a hatchback sports car and there aren’t many of these to see down the roads of Dubai. Even if it is a two-door car or a coupe, Ferrari FF is definitely a spacious car you can use if you want to come on a vacation in Dubai and want to rent a car.

Ferrari FF in Dubai – for corporate use

Having a marvelous driving experience on board of a spectacular car like Ferrari FF in Dubai can be a dream come true. In the case of corporate use requests, clients can rely on our support and send a request in this sense. A business meeting or a corporate event might be on your list when visiting Dubai, so a Ferrari FF can attract your attention. A smooth drive, comfort, and delight, plus the pleasure of driving a Ferrari FF in Dubai, these are the ways you can be impressed when choosing our car rental services. Corporate events often enter the attention of our agents, so reserving a Ferrari FF in Dubai is quite simple if you send us all your inquiries. Feel free to discuss with our car rental agents in Dubai and find out more about the services we can offer in this city.

Attending a party on board of a Ferrari FF in Dubai

Parties and magical nights in Dubai, what else you need? Maybe a Ferrari FF to match your stunning events in the city. Ferrari FF is a very much appreciated sports car that can please each sophisticated taste. Launched in 2011 on the market, Ferrari FF is believed to be one of the most valued and loved Ferrari cars of all times, the huge number of prizes and awards gained in the past few years standing at the base of the success.

Ferrari FF in Dubai can complete your party image in the city, so if you would like to know more about the prices and car rental offers, feel free to discuss all the details with our car rental agents in Dubai.

A Ferrari FF or a Lamborghini in Dubai?

Some might think that it is quite difficult to choose between a Ferrari FF in Dubai or a Lamborghini. It is true, both cars are iconic and spectacular and anyone would want to drive at least once in a lifetime. These amazing sports cars can be selected depending on personal taste, visions and the type of business or event one needs to attend. We invite you to discover the Ferrari FF in Dubai and the attributes of this spectacular car, no matter the reasons for which you want to rent one. On the other hand, if you believe that Lamborghini is the right sports car for you, have no hesitation and rent one with the help of our specialists. 

Ferrari FF, a car that made history

Ferrari FF is one of the sports cars which have made history, first of all, because of being the first model to have a hatchback shape. Then, it was Ferrari’s first four-wheel-drive car which was something rarely seen on sports cars until 2011. Also, the Ferrari FF was purchased by many wealthy people, considering Ferrari cars are usually produced for a few years only. If these reasons have convinced you, you can enjoy the Ferrari FF in Dubai if you rent it with us. Our agents will be at your disposal with various services, among which pick and drop and airport transfers, in case you need assistance.

Driving a Ferrari on the streets of Dubai is not uncommon, so you don’t need to worry that you will be too flashy behind the wheel of a Ferrari FF. Moreover, the FF model is a rather family type of car, so you can also transport other family members if you decide to rent this type of Ferrari. If you decide to rent a Ferrari in Dubai, this is the perfect time to also start the preparation of a vacation in this city.

Choosing our specialists in Dubai

Stunning vacations, spectacular events, great anniversaries, and great moments with friends and families can be a few of the reasons to visit Dubai. Once booked, your trip to Dubai needs extra attention in matters of transportation and this is where our car rental specialists in Dubai can intervene and help. We have a dedicated team of agents who are at your disposal right from the beginning if you want to know more about how to rent a Ferrari in Dubai. The entire process is very simple because our clients can request a call back, request a price, or even reserve the car fast by making a few clicks. It is also an option to send inquiries via email and let one of our specialists handle the formalities. It is good to know that we have a dedicated team of car rental agents who work in the best interest of customers. Professionalism, proficiency, confidence, and efficiency are among the attributes of our team or car rental agents in Dubai. Dedicated car rental services and tailored offers can be provided to our customers in Dubai.

We invite you to contact our rental agents and ask about the price for renting a Ferrari in Dubai and choose the model that suits your taste and expenses dedicated to transportation means.