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Price for Renting a Ferrari in Dubai

Price for Renting a Ferrari in Dubai

Many of us dream about having a vacation in Dubai and nowadays this is more achievable than ever. The landscape, the tall buildings, and the impressive highways can leave a tourist breathless when first arriving into the city. However, a regular vacation can turn into a spectacular one if you decide to add a little spice such as a Ferrari for rent in Dubai, as nothing will make you feel more comfortable like having a car at your disposal at any time. You will find plenty of models to your taste if you decide to rent a Ferrari in Dubai and blend in with the spectacular show this city throws every day and night. If you are worried about the price of a Ferrari for hire in Dubai, don’t be! In our fleet of Ferraris for rent, you can definitely find a model to match your style and pocket.

Our rental agents in Dubai are at your disposal with details about the price of a Ferrari for rent. Moreover, we can help you choose the model that will fulfill your expectations while on vacation in Dubai.

How much does it cost to rent a Ferrari in Dubai?

When talking about renting a Ferrari, the first question that pops up is ‘how much does it cost to rent such a car?’, because people expect it to be quite expensive. The truth is that Dubai is probably the only city in the world in which renting a Ferrari costs less than renting a hot-air balloon. Why? The answer to that is simple: you can find plenty of companies offering Ferraris for rent in Dubai compared to companies providing hot-air balloon tours. Information about the price of renting a Ferrari in Dubai can be also seen in this infographic:

How much does it cost to rent a Ferrari in Dubai

The price for a Ferrari for hire depends on the model

If you are interested in renting a Ferrari in Dubai, there are a few aspects you should consider. One of the most important of them is related to the model you decide to rent. Here a few examples of prices if you want to rent a Ferrari in Dubai:

  •     a Ferrari California, for example, can be rented at around 2,500 AED per day;
  •     a Ferrari Portofino can be rented for around 3,500 – 4,000 AED per day;
  •     Ferrari 488 GTBs which are quite popular down the streets of Dubai can cost about 4,000 AED per day;
  •     a Ferrari 458 Spider which is a very beautiful convertible can be rented for around 2,500 AED per day;
  •     a Ferrari F12 which is inspired by racecars can cost between 3,000 and 4,000 AED per day;
  •     a Ferrari GTC Lusso which has a quite unique design can cost up to 4,000 AED per day;
  •     if you want a more special model, a Ferrari 812 Superfast can be rented for 8,000 AED per day.

Our rental specialists in Dubai can advise on the costs of other Ferrari models for hire. Also, if you want a specific model, don’t doubt in letting us know and we will try our best to get it for you.

Tips on the price of a Ferrari for hire in Dubai

If you ware interested in renting a Ferrari in Dubaiprice but you are on a tight budget, we have a few recommendations so that you can fulfill your desire:

  •      you can check for special offers as many Ferrari models for rent can have special prices;
  •      the prices of Ferraris for rent will usually be lower during the low season;
  •      it is always more expensive to rent a Ferrari by the hour;
  •      it is often cheaper to rent a Ferrari for the entire vacation than for a single day;
  •      the price of a Ferrari for rent can depend on the model, but also on the year of fabrication;
  •      you also have the possibility to rent classic Ferrari models, for the right price of course.

Our car rental specialists can also offer other tips if you want to rent a Ferrari in Dubai.

Renting a Ferrari per hour in Dubai

Some people prefer renting a Ferrari per hour in Dubai, depending on their needs and requirements at that point. Even though it would be a lot beneficial to rent such a car for more than just a couple of hours, this kind of service is available at any time mentioning that the cost will differ. It is recommended to reserve a Ferrari in time, within a couple of days prior to the arrival in Dubai and solicit that you are interested in renting it for a few hours. If you are planning an anniversary or surprise someone by renting a Ferrari per hour, feel free to talk to us and let us take care of all the formalities, especially if you have a model in mind and you need details in this sense. Besides renting a Ferrari by the hour, you can also ask for pick and drop services and complete your surprise in a very special way. As for the prices for renting a Ferrari by the hour, these start from around AED 700, mentioning that special offers can be recommended for longer periods of time. We also remind that the prices for renting a Ferrari per hour in Dubai might be cheaper during the low season. Also, the prices for Ferrari will depend on the fabrication year of the car, so feel free to solicit us information in this matter. Our Ferraricar rental agents in Dubai are here to provide you with complete guidance and support when renting a Ferrari in Dubai.

Can I rent a Ferrari for a whole day in Dubai?

Yes, this is another great option for people who only stay one day in Dubai and who are interested in a spectacular sports car. For example, a Ferrari Portofino can be rented for about AED 4,000/day, while a Ferrari 458 Spider is at your disposal for around AED 2,500 per day, the same price being available for a Ferrari California. Renting a Ferrari for an entire day is definitely a great choice for anyone visiting Dubai for business purposes, for example, and in need of a car to deal with varied meetings and tasks. We remind that prices for renting a Ferrari by the hour differ from the ones for renting such a car for a whole day, so you can benefit from special offers if you get in touch with us and solicit information. One of our car rental representatives in Dubai can tell you more about the prices of renting a Ferrari in Dubai.

A Ferrari Portofino for rent in Dubai

Ferrari Portofino is a special sports car, part of our fleet of vehicles, available for rent in Dubai. Some people choose to rent a Ferrari Portofino for a whole day and around AED 3,500-4,000, and some tourists are interested in renting such an amazing car for a couple of hours and a price starting from AED 700. Ferrari Portofino is a very special sports car that can be rented at any time in Dubai, so if you would like to create a new experience behind the wheel of a powerful sports car, do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our car rental agents in Dubai.

Renting a Ferrari for a whole week in Dubai

If your plans include a vacation in Dubai for an entire week, you can think of renting a Ferrari and enjoy the city in a very special manner. For approximately AED 20,000, per week, your Ferrari car is at your disposal right from the airport, if you are interested in this kind of service. Airport transfers and pick & drop service are great facilities for those visiting Dubai and looking for the proper means of transportation right from the start. It is quite beneficial to reserve a car before going to Dubai and choose the needed services: a Ferrari car for rent for an entire day, or for a couple of hours, pick and drop services, airport transfers, and special events. Do not hesitate to get in touch with our consultants and solicit information about the car hire facilities you are interested in. 

Important reasons for renting a Ferrari in Dubai

If there are any doubts about why you should rent a Ferrari in Dubai, one of the most preferred sports cars in the world, we present you a few reasons that you should consider:

  1. Ferrari cars can be rented for private events, such as anniversaries, birthdays or reunions with friends.
  2. Prices for Ferrari rentals are affordable, depending on the period and car model.
  3. Ferrari cars are iconic and representative, so you might want to test such a powerful vehicle.
  4. Ferrari sports cars turn heads wherever you may go, so why not try such experience?
  5. Extravagant and luxurious, here are two important attributes of Ferrari cars that you might want to see for yourself.

Renting a Ferrari with us

Apart from offering competitive prices if you want to rent a Ferrari in Dubai, you can also rely on personalized offers. You just need to contact us and tell us what you need. We can accommodate pickup and drop services, if you want to spoil yourself from the airport to the hotel or if you simply want to get acquainted with the city before driving in it.  If you feel more comfortable having a personal chauffeur, we can help you with that. If you are planning to surprise your significant other, why not rent a Ferrari and make them feel like part of this magical world Dubai creates for those who come here for the first time?

Renting a Ferrari in Dubai is not a treat reserved for rich people only. You simply need to establish your budget and ask before arriving here about the models to rent at the best prices of the moment and thus make sure you have at least one treat waiting for you as soon as you arrive.

For detailed information on the prices of various Ferrari models for rent, contact us right away. We can offer various services if you decide to rent a Ferrari with us, if you simply let us know what you need, or let us help you choose a model that will definitely impress you.